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    How Long Does It Take to “Make It” As A Freelancer?

    By David When we first set our sights on living abroad, teaching English was the only option we thought we had. It remains a very viable option. Many, many people do it all the time. Alexis is doing it right now. But it’s not the only option. I planned on teaching English when we moved to Thailand as well, but had a bit of a life-defining crisis the day I got offered a job. I…

  • At the back of Wat Monthian in Chiang Mai's old city
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    Expat Life Lately: 4 Months in Thailand

    By Alexis Now that we’ve been living in Thailand for about 4 months, I feel like we’re really starting to get into the swing of things. The cultural adjustment doesn’t feel so huge anymore, I’m picking up a little bit of Thai, and it feels like we’re really starting to settle in. We’ve been doing a lot lately, so here are a few updates……

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    Freelancing: The Pros and Cons and Perception vs. Reality

    As I promised last week in my post Working in Thailand, I want to shed some light on the pros and cons of freelancing as well as the perceptions I had going into this type of work and whether those perceptions have turned out to be true. In general, I am enjoying it very much for the simple most important factor of being in control of what I do with my time. It feels empowering doing…

  • English language posters in TEFL elementary school in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    Helpful (and Free!) Resources for Teaching ESL

    By Alexis Since I started teaching English as a second language (ESL) at an elementary school here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I have gathered quite the collection of sites to help me in my lesson planning. Recently I’ve found myself using the same handful of resources again and again, so I thought it would be helpful to list those here for any other ESL teachers out there. I teach English to grades 1, 2, and 3 (focusing on phonics…

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    Working in Thailand

    By David Alexis and I both had the intention of teaching English when we moved to Thailand. Had moving to Thailand specifically to become English teachers been our main impetuous, it would have been much smarter to move here in April or October. The school year in Thailand runs from May to March with a four week break in October. This is the equivalent of our Christmas break. The reason arriving in April or October is…