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Washington, DC

  • Buddhist statue in front of blue tiles at an Indian restaurant in Washington, DC USA
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    Photo Friday: Buddhist Statue

    By Alexis Would you believe me if I told you this photo was taken during a magical trek through India? No? Well, dangit, you’d be right since I’ve never been to India (but it’s at the top of my list!). Instead, this statue can be found in a little corner of Washington, DC in the United States. While living in the District, we once celebrated a friend’s birthday by pigging out on an Indian breakfast buffet…

  • Pink cherry blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC
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    Destination Guide: Washington, DC

    By David We lived in Washington, DC for a little over two years and absolutely loved it. DC has all the big city amenities with a small-town feel. There is a height limit on buildings within the district so you don’t get massive skyscrapers like in New York. What adds to the small town feel is the incredible number of parks and green spaces. My dad visited once during our time there and one of the first…