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    Roadtrip Reminiscing

    By David Last week I wrote about the perfect American roadtrip: a data-derived route that passes through every state in the continental U.S., stopping at 50 historical sights along the way, all in the most efficient order. Diving into the map and writing about got me reminiscing about the road trip I took with my college buddies in 2010. That one glorious week over spring break is one of the best memories of my life. Nothing…

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    The Perfect American Roadtrip

    By David Self-titled “data tinkerer,” Randy Olson, has created the perfect roadtrip across America. Pouring over this map has taken up many hours over the past couple days. I love maps and I love roadtrips, so naturally, this is the best thing ever. Using an algorithm and some Python code, he took 50 historical sites from the continental U.S., making sure every state and the District of Columbia was represented, and found the shortest route between…

  • Palm trees at sunset, Big Island, Hawaii
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    Photo Friday: Hawaiian Sunset

    By Alexis The first night I met David, I remember thinking he was sooo cool for being from Hawaii. Now I’m married to him and can honestly say that, even after years of being together, I still gush over the fact that he grew up somewhere so magical (I particularly love when he speaks a little pidgin, haha). Makes me feel like I somehow snagged an exotic prince! The summer after I graduated college, I…

  • Man takes a photo at sunset on Mauna Kea in Hawaii
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    Photo Friday: Mauna Kea Sunset

    By Alexis On Hawaii’s Big Island, there is a volcanic mountain right in the middle called Mauna Kea. Technically the tallest mountain the world if you measure it from seafloor to summit, Mauna Kea is a focal point from pretty much anywhere on the island. On clear days without vog (i.e. volcanic smog) and if clouds haven’t gotten stuck at the summit, you can see right to the top. Best part is, anyone with 4 wheel drive…

  • Overexposure of tree branches on a sunny day in California
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    Photo Friday: California Branches

    By Alexis I’m indecisive when it comes to making decisions on most things, but especially with my career choices. I admit I’m all over the map… I’ve considered careers from actress to journalist to producer to photographer and now to teacher. The summer this photo was taken, I had just graduated from the University of Utah with my bachelor’s degree in anthropology, which I was planning to use for my intended career at the time: archaeologist. I was lucky to…

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    Photo Friday: New York, New York

    By Alexis I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about this picture, but to me, it’s just so New York. The cab, the skyscrapers, the girls looking a little distracted from the task at hand…all of it. While we were living in Washington DC, David once surprised me with a quick trip to New York City to see my first Broadway musical as a birthday present. I’ve always been somewhat of a theater geek so this was…

  • Hawaiian Beach
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    Photo Friday: Hawaiian Beach

    By Alexis Mmmm, a nice warm beach in Hawaii. Is there anything better? We’re currently beach bumming around in Indonesia (blog posts coming soon!) and can’t help noticing the striking similarities Bali has to Hawaii. Oahu, Hawaii (where this photo was taken) has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, and I was lucky enough to meet and marry a handsome hunk who just happened to have grown up in this…

  • Buddhist statue in front of blue tiles at an Indian restaurant in Washington, DC USA
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    Photo Friday: Buddhist Statue

    By Alexis Would you believe me if I told you this photo was taken during a magical trek through India? No? Well, dangit, you’d be right since I’ve never been to India (but it’s at the top of my list!). Instead, this statue can be found in a little corner of Washington, DC in the United States. While living in the District, we once celebrated a friend’s birthday by pigging out on an Indian breakfast buffet…

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    A Local’s Guide to O’ahu, Hawaii

    I love my home, as most people do. Home, no matter where that is, has a certain power over people. It brings comfort, it brings joy, it brings peace. I’m fortunate enough to call home a place many people only dream about: Hawaii. Having lived in Hawaii for most of my life, I naturally know a lot about the place, and seeing as how it’s a big destination for many people, I thought I could…

  • Pink cherry blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC
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    Destination Guide: Washington, DC

    By David We lived in Washington, DC for a little over two years and absolutely loved it. DC has all the big city amenities with a small-town feel. There is a height limit on buildings within the district so you don’t get massive skyscrapers like in New York. What adds to the small town feel is the incredible number of parks and green spaces. My dad visited once during our time there and one of the first…