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  • Thai students smile with TEFL teacher in a classroom in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    Last Day of School

    By Alexis Well, it’s official! I finished a year of teaching English in Thailand. It’s crazy to think how fast this school year went by…I started back in June and remember feeling like March was sooo far away. And now here we are! To be totally honest, there were a lot of times throughout the year where I considered quitting, but now that I’ve made it, I’m glad that I stuck it out. On Friday, the…

  • Young girl dressed in a firefighter uniform smiles in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    “I Want to Play With Fire!”

    By Alexis One of the biggest things I’ve had to learn as a ESL teacher in Thailand is flexibility. Here, plans change by the minute and you’re expected to just go with the flow, being perpetually ready at a moment’s notice (traits that don’t come naturally to a Type-A overthinker like me). One day this week, I had just handed out worksheets to a 2nd grade class and was having them write their names up…

  • Young scouts salute the camera in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    Photos: The Cutest Scouts in Thailand

    By Alexis Fields trips! One of the many perks of teaching English at a public school instead of a language institute. Since I teach at a government-run elementary school here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I recently got the chance to go on a scouting field trip with the first graders (learn how I landed the TEFL job here). I was stoked because: A) I really love hanging out with my students outside the classroom, and B) Who…

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    How Long Does It Take to “Make It” As A Freelancer?

    By David When we first set our sights on living abroad, teaching English was the only option we thought we had. It remains a very viable option. Many, many people do it all the time. Alexis is doing it right now. But it’s not the only option. I planned on teaching English when we moved to Thailand as well, but had a bit of a life-defining crisis the day I got offered a job. I…

  • Sports Day Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    Sports Day in Thailand (or The Biggest Field Day Ever)

    By Alexis Kindergarteners wearing heels, first graders wearing fake eyelashes, award ceremonies with legit medals, bleachers with massive banners, team chants — Sports Day in Thailand is quite the spectacle. Once a year, each school in Thailand has a Sports Day where the students are grouped into teams that compete against each other in various sports (at my school, the big events were cheerleading and running). Now here I am, two months later, writing about my school’s Sports Day that happened on…

  • Elementary ESL students lay on the ground in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    A Selection of Funny Thai Nicknames

    By Alexis Like a lot of language classes, the students at my school don’t go by their native language name, instead working under a made up English nickname. After six months of teaching, I’m still not entirely sure where my students actually get these names…. Do they pick them themselves? Do their parents or kindergarten teachers pick them? Someone once told me that police officers pick them (??). I have no idea. But in the end, some…

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    An Alright Day in Thailand

    By Alexis Okay, so the week didn’t get off to a great start. Thailand isn’t always my favorite place to be. It’s got its good qualities obviously, but I admit that I spend a good majority of my time fantasizing about the next place we’ll move to… But today wasn’t bad. I taught my adorable little first graders today and even though they’re one of my craziest classes, I (secretly) love them the most because they were…

  • Alexis holds up Thai and American flags
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    Expat Update: 6 Months in Thailand

    By Alexis Well, it’s been a while since our last update, and I can barely believe we’ve been in Thailand for 6 months now. We calculated it, and we’ve only been in America for less than a month in all of 2014, which blows my mind. Where did this year go?? The weather in Thailand’s getting colder now (I wore a sweater the other day!), so it’s really starting to feel like the year is winding down.…

  • A beautiful day at Wat Monthian in Chiang Mai's Old City
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    True Stories From Thailand (part 3)

    By Alexis In a first grade class… Me [to one of the more rambunctious kids]: Are you going to be a super student today? Student: No! Super gorilla! [pounds fists on chest] Mid-shower on a normal Thursday evening, the water in our apartment started sputtering then just completely shut off. Not a drip left. Poor David had shampoo in his hair and was totally lathered in soap. Luckily we had a few extra water bottles in the…

  • English language posters in TEFL elementary school in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    Helpful (and Free!) Resources for Teaching ESL

    By Alexis Since I started teaching English as a second language (ESL) at an elementary school here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I have gathered quite the collection of sites to help me in my lesson planning. Recently I’ve found myself using the same handful of resources again and again, so I thought it would be helpful to list those here for any other ESL teachers out there. I teach English to grades 1, 2, and 3 (focusing on phonics…