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  • View from Harder Kulm, Interlaken, Switzerland
    Blog, Photo Friday, Switzerland, Travel, Wedding

    Photo Friday: Swiss Engagement Spot

    Since we just had our one year wedding anniversary, I’m still on a sappy love high and wanted to do a Photo Friday post showcasing the spot where we got engaged. In May 2013, David and I took a trip around Europe. We’d been together for three years at that point, but somehow we had never taken a trip with just the two of us before! So we wanted to make the most of it.…

  • Clouds caught on a mountain near Interlaken, Switzerland
    Blog, Photo Friday, Switzerland

    Photo Friday: Cloud Catcher in Switzerland

    By Alexis If I could afford to spend the rest of my days in Switzerland, I would move there tomorrow without hestiation. It’s such a spectacularly beautiful country. The landscape ranges from gorgeous green fields to snow-capped mountains, making it feel like heaven pretty much anytime of the year. This photo was snapped in the mountains near Interlaken while David was off being brave (i.e. bungee-jumping into a canyon) while I was off being an introvert, quietly taking…

  • Swans and boats on Lake Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
    Blog, Photo Friday, Switzerland, Travel

    Photo Friday: Swiss Swans

    By Alexis What kind of heavenly city has dozens of swans perfectly placed in their lakes at all hours of the day? Geneva, Switzerland, that’s where. The whole city just feels like a painting come to life. With gorgeous historic architecture, amazing food, and breathtaking natural scenery, this walkable city is one of our favorite places in the world. The town itself is right on the Swiss/French border, which allows you all the benefits of two classic…

  • Airplane wing flies above clouds and mountains somewhere in the Alps
    Blog, Photo Friday, Switzerland, Travel

    Photo Friday: Above the Alps

    By Alexis I’ve flown on a lot of airplanes in my life…when I was younger, I would fly back and forth between Las Vegas, Nevada (where my dad lives) and Salt Lake City, Utah (where my mom lives) with my siblings twice a month. By age 13, that routine meant I had taken hundreds of flights and gazed out countless airplane windows. Now, flying over the American west is beautiful in it’s own right (I’ll always maintain Vegas…

  • Interlaken, Switzerland Panorama from Harder Kulm Mountain
    Blog, Photo Friday, Switzerland, Travel

    Photo Friday: Interlaken, Switzerland Panorama

    By Alexis Ah, Switzerland. If you forced me to pick my favorite place on earth, Switzerland would probably be it. It has the most spectacular mountains, lakes, architecture, everything. I just love it. With that in mind, I wanted to use this photo to kick off my new weekly “Photo Friday” series, where I will be highlighting my favorite photos from our adventures around the world. Interlaken, which means “between lakes,” is a perfect little Swiss town situated…