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    5 Travel Lessons From Our SE Asia Trip

    By David Since we’re getting ready head out on another adventure in a little over a month, I figured it was time to finally finish this post I started back in October (you are correct, I’m the worst). When we got back to Chiang Mai after our Borneo, Bali, and Ko Lanta trip, we said we would post about the latest travel lessons we learned. Obviously, that never happened. But now, as we’re gearing up…

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    What to do When Your Triple Entry Tourist Visa Expires in Thailand

    By David Some context: We both entered Thailand on triple-entry tourist visas. Alexis switched to a non-immigrant B visa once she started teaching. I extended two of my three entries at the Chiang Mai immigration office before my tourist visa finally expired on January 17th, 2015. We tried, unsuccessfully, to get me on a non-immigrant O visa. I did a border run to Mae Sai to get a 30 day visa exempt stamp. This granted…

  • A young orangutan uses his feet to grip a rope at his rehabilitation center, the Shangri La Rasa Ria Nature Reserve near Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo.
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    Photo Friday: Little Orangutan Feet

    By Alexis For this Photo Friday post, I’m sharing what I think are the best 3 photos that I shot in the past year of traveling.  Here you’ll find part 2 of 3. In the photo above, a young orangutan uses his feet to grip a rope at his rehabilitation center, the Shangri La Rasa Ria Nature Reserve near Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo. Orphaned or abandoned orangutans live at the reserve for the first 3 to 5 years of their rehabilitation…

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    The RotR Awards: Southeast Asia Beaches Edition

    Our recent SE Asia trip was a ton of fun. One thing we focused on was making sure we got lots of quality beach time. We definitely succeed in that. After five beaches across three countries, we thought it would be fun to give out some awards to these beautiful beaches. The RotR Awards are named after yours truly, Roses on the Road, for those of you who haven’t figured that out yet. To win a…

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    Wrapping Up Borneo and Why It’s Southeast Asia’s Hidden Gem

    By David Day 1 in Borneo brought pleasant surprises and a strong feeling of, “why don’t more people visit this place?” Day 2 in Borneo brought us up close and personal with baby orangutans and resort life. Day 3 in Borneo was spent exploring secluded beaches and being terrified by giant lizards that desperately wanted to eat us. Day 4 in Borneo offered us a chance to do a quick local hike and take it…

  • Panorama picture of the dock leading out from Sapi Island toward Gaya Island in Borneo, Malaysia
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    Day 3 in Borneo: Sapi Island

    By Alexis When we planned our trip to Malaysia, we hoped to spend our time there taking advantage of the awesome wildlife viewing opportunities…we could do an evening river cruise and catch glimpses of proboscis monkeys and fireflies…or we could make our way out to the national park for a small hike and bird spotting… But on our second full day in Borneo, we were both feeling guilty about spending money since we had just unexpectedly lost $125 during our travel mishap in…

  • "Baby Orangutans at Rasa Ria Nature Reserve"
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    Photos: Baby Orangutans + Beach Day in Borneo

    By Alexis There are few things in this world that I like better than seeing baby animals, so getting the chance to watch adorable little orangutans in Malaysia was at the tippy-top of my checklist for our recent trip through SE Asia. Beyond doing a jungle trek and hoping for a sighting, there are a couple places in Borneo where you’re guaranteed to see orangutans — most notably Shangri La’s Rasa Ria Nature Reserve near Kota Kinabalu and the…

  • An Air Asia Malaysia plane arrives at the Kota Kinabalu airport in Borneo
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    Day 1 in Borneo: Southeast Asia’s Hidden Gem

    By Alexis The first stop on our recent vacation was to Kota Kinabalu (or KK, as the locals call it), a little city in the Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo. After spending just a couple days there, both David and I feel strongly that everyone should visit Borneo. It’s a hidden gem! Great food, beautiful beaches, dense rainforests, amazing wildlife, developed cities, friendly locals, and bonus: virtually everyone speaks English! What more could…

  • A plane wing with clouds and a sunset out an airplane window
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    Back in Chiang Mai!

    By Alexis 7 flights 5 beaches 3 countries 2 equator crossings And 1 missed flight later… WE ARE HOME! Whew. From Thailand to Malaysia to Indonesia to southern Thailand and finally back home in the north of Thailand, we have had a whirlwind couple of weeks. In the coming days, we hope to blog about a few of our favorite experiences from this trip, including:…

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    Baby Orangutans in Borneo + Baby Turtles in Bali

    By Alexis As part of our upcoming trip, we just got tickets to an “orangutan experience” this weekend at Rasa Ria resort in Borneo, AND I AM SO EXCITED! I have this weird thing where I really love observing animals but am seriously terrified of getting up close and personal with them. I’m not too proud to admit that during first grade I sobbed from fear when someone brought in their bunny rabbit for show-and-tell…. and I remember seven-year-old me frantically bicycling…

  • Map of destinations for October trip in southeast Asia
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    Our Next Trip: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Southern Thailand

    By David Our flights have officially been booked! We’re heading down south for some beach time in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Southern Thailand in a few weeks! Alexis has a three week break from school in October, and since I have the luxury of setting my own schedule and working from wherever I want, we’re using that time to do some island hopping in Southeast Asia. Taking trips like this is one of the main things…