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  • Palm trees at sunset, Big Island, Hawaii
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    Photo Friday: Hawaiian Sunset

    By Alexis The first night I met David, I remember thinking he was sooo cool for being from Hawaii. Now I’m married to him and can honestly say that, even after years of being together, I still gush over the fact that he grew up somewhere so magical (I particularly love when he speaks a little pidgin, haha). Makes me feel like I somehow snagged an exotic prince! The summer after I graduated college, I…

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    Roses on the Road Origins: Our First Apartment

    Alexis wrote about her whopping 23 homes here. As part of Urban Compass’ Starter Stories, this post will zero in on one of them: The very first home Roses on the Road shared together. February 22, 2010. That was the day I met Alexis. March 4, 2010. Our first date. The result of a loser-buys-dinner bet I conveniently lost. August 19, 2010. Less than six months later, we’re moving into our first apartment together. Sounds crazy, right?!…

  • Man takes a photo at sunset on Mauna Kea in Hawaii
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    Photo Friday: Mauna Kea Sunset

    By Alexis On Hawaii’s Big Island, there is a volcanic mountain right in the middle called Mauna Kea. Technically the tallest mountain the world if you measure it from seafloor to summit, Mauna Kea is a focal point from pretty much anywhere on the island. On clear days without vog (i.e. volcanic smog) and if clouds haven’t gotten stuck at the summit, you can see right to the top. Best part is, anyone with 4 wheel drive…

  • Hawaiian Beach
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    Photo Friday: Hawaiian Beach

    By Alexis Mmmm, a nice warm beach in Hawaii. Is there anything better? We’re currently beach bumming around in Indonesia (blog posts coming soon!) and can’t help noticing the striking similarities Bali has to Hawaii. Oahu, Hawaii (where this photo was taken) has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, and I was lucky enough to meet and marry a handsome hunk who just happened to have grown up in this…

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    A Local’s Guide to O’ahu, Hawaii

    I love my home, as most people do. Home, no matter where that is, has a certain power over people. It brings comfort, it brings joy, it brings peace. I’m fortunate enough to call home a place many people only dream about: Hawaii. Having lived in Hawaii for most of my life, I naturally know a lot about the place, and seeing as how it’s a big destination for many people, I thought I could…

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    How Hawaii Ruined Me

    Let me warn you right now: this post is going to come across as whiny, complacent, and downright obnoxious. Perhaps even a bit elitist and pretentious. If I’m being honest though, I have a confession: being raised in Hawaii has completely ruined my appreciation for beautiful scenery. It has set unrealistically high standards that very few places can live up to. My mind has been poisoned by my paradise home. I know, I know. Poor…