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  • Table at traditional restaurant in Bansko, Bulgaria
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    Tips for Your Trip to Bulgaria

    My dad is one of those people who just seems to know everyone.  I swear, every time I’m going to a new country he says, “Oh so-and-so grew up there. You should talk to them!” Thailand, Croatia, Norway…you name the place, he knows someone from there. When we decided to move to Bulgaria instead of Nepal, I told my dad and he said, “Oh, we have a neighbor from Bulgaria!” Of course you do. So thanks to my…

  • Sheep in Bansko, Bulgaria
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    Business Launch Coming Soon

    Man oh man, have I been busy! The last couple weeks have been jam packed as I’ve been trying to develop my very first business: Alexis Rose Photography! I’m super close to launching my website (hopefully today!!) and from there I’ll be able to start booking clients for real. I’ve never been someone who’s interested in the business…in fact, I remember in college saying that being a business major would probably be my LAST choice, but now…

  • Wood cabin in Bansko, Bulgaria
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    The Beauty of Bulgaria

    Life update! As you know, I left my English teaching job in Thailand and have been unemployed and looking for work since April. I’ve always been the kind of person that goes all-in if I have a goal to work towards, and for the last few weeks I’ve just been trying to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life (no pressure, right?). Recently, I finally decided: I want to be…

  • Traditional Bulgarian outfits and dancing in Bansko, Bulgaria
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    First Thoughts on Bulgaria

    Up until about a month ago, I had never really even thought about Bulgaria. Sure, I knew it existed, but it’s not a political powerhouse or tourist hotspot, so it just…slipped by me. But then we were forced to make a quick change of plans, and ended up in Bulgaria for a few reasons: Bulgaria has free visa access for Americans and it is not part of the Schengen Agreement (which limits how much time…

  • Annapurna (left) and Machapuchare (right) At sunrise, as seen from the Fishtale Hotel n Lodge, Pokhara, Nepal.
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    Nepal Earthquake and a Huge Change of Plans

    By Alexis As I’m sure everyone is aware now, there was a horrific 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on April 25th, its epicenter almost precisely halfway between the major cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara. It just so happens that these cities were the two destinations we had been on track to visit in just a few short weeks. When I first heard the news, the earthquake had caused four deaths. Four. “Not a huge deterrent,” I thought. “I’m sure everything’s…

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    Our 2015 Monthly Country Itinerary

    By David Our Monthly Country itinerary is set! We’ve mentioned this a few times over the past couple months, but now we’ve made the adventure official: We have paid for our monthly homes for the rest of 2015! Just for fun, here’s a little visual tour of where we’ll be traveling, displayed in weather……