Surfer walks among rocks at Blue Point beach, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia
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Photo Friday: Bali’s Blue Point

There’s this thing I do sometimes with places I’ve visited…I close my eyes and conjure up a colorful mental snapshot of the place. In my memory, for example, London is all white and matte grays. Nice, France on the other hand is muted orange and sandy browns. And Bali is pure blue. Have you ever noticed that? That an entire place can be summed up in a single color or two?

David and I ended up spending a month and a half in Indonesia to cap off our year in Asia, and when I scroll through the photos that I took there, there’s just an overwhelming sense of blue. Every shade: Light skies, sparkly turquoise waters, and blue-black nights.

This shot in particular is one of my new favorites because I think it captures the ocean-centric vibe of southern Bali where we spent most of our time.

There are lots of world-renowned surf spots on Bali, but the area pictured here, Uluwatu, has got to be in the top three. David’s little brother couldn’t wait to surf there, and even though our hotel was about 30 minutes away, we ended up getting a driver to take us to Uluwatu twice because we liked it so much. It’s a really unique beach, with a carved stone stairway leading down to a little cove where you can get into the water. Locals place Hindu offerings on the rocks making the whole area smell like incense. At low tide, there are caves and crevices you can sneak through to make your way over to a stretch of sand known as Blue Point. Anybody can see where the place got it’s name…the ocean blues are stunning and perfect for picture taking.

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