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    Gili Air: Three Steps to Paradise

    By Alexis For our last big vacation, we traveled through Malaysia, Indonesia, and southern Thailand, and during one leg of the trip, we met a friendly German guy who’d been on the road for months. Tanned skin, wild hair, he was the kind of guy who literally did not own shoes because he’d been living the island life for so long. We got to talking and it turned out he was getting his dive master certification out…

  • Man stands in front of Skogafoss Waterfall in southern Iceland
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    Photo Friday: Icelandic Waterfall

    By Alexis Since moving to Thailand we have spent a lot of time in hot, humid environments, and sometimes, when I’m dripping sweat in an AC-less restaurant while swatting at mosquitos and chugging room temperature water, I find myself daydreaming about this magical country we once visited: Iceland. Iceland is one of those places you travel to that you just can’t stop thinking about after you’ve left. (Can you tell I like Iceland?) It’s so…different than any other place I’ve…

  • Insider tips for Chiang Mai's Lantern Festival
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    Insider Tips for Thailand’s Lantern Festival

    By Alexis Before moving to Thailand, I remember drooling over a friend’s photos of an amazing festival…10,000 candlit lanterns filled the night sky while people on the ground gazed upward, drenched in a gorgeous amber light. It was like something out of a Disney movie… So when David and I moved to Chiang Mai last spring, we knew that seeing this for ourselves was at the top of our bucket list. A couple days ago, we got that opportunity. The festival — called Loi Krathong/Loy Krathong or…

  • English language posters in TEFL elementary school in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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    Helpful (and Free!) Resources for Teaching ESL

    By Alexis Since I started teaching English as a second language (ESL) at an elementary school here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I have gathered quite the collection of sites to help me in my lesson planning. Recently I’ve found myself using the same handful of resources again and again, so I thought it would be helpful to list those here for any other ESL teachers out there. I teach English to grades 1, 2, and 3 (focusing on phonics…