• Mexico, Travel

    Viva Mexico!

    We are alive and well in Puerto Escondido! Even though we had discovered this place in an article about great tropical places for digital nomads like us, this was the only country on our list that we had slight concerns about safety… Online, Mexico sounds like the most dangerous place on earth. We read conflicting stories with some people saying Mexico is all violence and crime and other people saying that the media reports are overblown, especially in…

  • La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
    Canary Islands, Spain, Travel

    Things I Like About Spain

    Okay, so we’re in the Canary Islands and not in Spain proper, but still…here are a few things that I like about our October home so far… Strangers wave to each other! This is one of my favorite parts so far. Everybody on the street waves to each other. It’s a small island, so people seem to know each other, but I’ve also had people wave and say hello to me, a stranger. Minus one encounter with…

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    Thoughts on Italy + Greetings From Spain!

    So uh….it’s been a while, huh? We have been going going going with work and friends and workshops and more, so our month in Italy flew by in the blink of an eye! Our time in Italy went something like this… -One week to settle in -Our friend from Washington DC visited for a week -A week in Greece (for me) -My first wedding styled shoot -We left Italy And bam, that was it! In all the chaos,…

  • Boat tour in Kotor Bay, Montenegro
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    Montenegro, You’re Totally Redeeming Yourself

    As you know, our month in Montenegro started off on a wrong foot after getting our bag stolen, but now it’s back(!) and we’re getting more comfortable going out and doing activities lately. Last Sunday, we decided to do a boat tour of Kotor Bay, and it was amazing! It was a steal at 20 euros per person for an all-day excursion with Pajo tours. We booked it in person at a little stand down by…

  • Montenegro, Travel

    Good News!

    As you know, our time in Montenegro started off with a pretty major bump when we were robbed at the beach on our first day here. They took my phone, backpack, some cash, and our keys. I was trying to stay positive afterwards, which was really difficult, but it ain’t difficult no more because…. THEY FOUND MY PHONE!!! David got a text on Wednesday from the one of the Montenegrin police officers who had been…

  • Montenegro, Travel

    To the Person Who Robbed Us in Montenegro

    Did you know about us? Did you hear our accents and wait for that perfect moment when the foreigners would turn their backs? Did you know that it was our first day in Montenegro? Did you know stealing my phone will mean months of saving up for a replacement? Did you know you didn’t just steal a backpack, you stole my carry-on bag, the bag I rely on to travel and live abroad? Did you know stealing…

  • Herceg Novi, Montenegro
    Montenegro, Travel

    First Thoughts on Montenegro

    We’re here!!! After a couple of unexpectedly chilly weeks in Bad Urach, Germany, we packed our bags and made our way to sunny Herceg Novi, Montenegro! Yesterday, we caught the two hour flight from Stuttgart, Germany to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Then we arranged for a private transfer service to drive us the 45 minutes across the border to Herceg Novi — the best deal we found was 50 euros total, including tip. The driver actually was really funny…

  • Roses on the Road in Bad Urach, Germany
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    What’s New With Us: Life in Germany Update!

    Well, hello there! So it’s only been about a million years since I last blogged (oops), but now, with three days left in Bad Urach, Germany, I’m here to finally give you an update on our life on the road! Launch of My Photography Business The biggest thing in my life right now is my new business. I have been incredibly busy since launching my own wedding photography business! It’s honestly the main thing that’s kept me from blogging…